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Exaggerated :D

The animation is really nice and smooth. I can understand the concept, but only by a little. Though I really laughed when he kicked the Koopa shell.

Simple but fun.

The lyrics really describe the frog well and suits the flash. Simplicity at its best.

Some random fun flash.

The graphics are not really good, but the funny dubbing of the cast made me reconsider my rating. Lame on some, and fun on some, I still enjoyed this.

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One heck of an amusing game

LOL The different gimmicks for every level is a good idea for a game with only one level. The (only) level is well-designed too, to fit the different gimmicks in.
Awesome, overall!


The graphics are done quite well, with occasional flaws. Though I agree pretty much with the two (below). The cock looks really ugly.

The voices too are not that "engaging". The voices doesn't really turn you on like it should.

The questions are really nice! It's a breeze for me on the biology and history questions, but the computer history took some minutes.

Overall, nice game!

Same voices, but really good!

This really turns you on! I'm going to check the others!

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Megaman will live on!

This will be very good as the credits song of a Megaman game!
As a song, it gives one an "encouraging" feeling, that kind of feeling that he or she must live on
And for Megaman fans (I'm one too), you've done an absolutely wonderful job with this! I can't name the homages though XD

Still blastin' indeed!

Man! I hate those Internet Trolls that bombed me..

Really jumpy song here. Though I agree with the comment about the bassline.


Shoephly responds:

hmm, that comment was made before i added the subbass and shit, trying to spice it up. Seems i need to add more.

Thanks a ton for the review ^^


I think you used FL Studio., but whatever.

LOL I can recognize some samples from FL Studio. Even that "Acid" from "Sytrus", but again, whatever. Really intense song here. Though in my opinion, the low levels are too strong; the song becomes somewhat clouded with bass. I know it's intended to have a powerful bass, but I think it's "too powerful". Just my opinion. 9/10, 5/5.

TimmyDope responds:

Hahaha yeah man i admit i did use one of the samples but only just one :P Anyways glad you like my song! Thanks for the vote!

:D Please listen to my compositions. They are not that great like what's on the front page, but most are great songs.

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