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This second term. . and NG

2012-10-14 14:43:36 by Naoki-Reisen

Man, just realized that I haven't been to NG for quite some time . I can blame school all I want. :V
Haven't uploaded my newest arranges here yet. I will probably do it soon.

Happy 11/11/11 day? XD

2011-11-10 12:25:01 by Naoki-Reisen

IDK what's the big deal with 11/11/11, but if they say it's a happy day, so it is! Though my 11/12/11 will be much happier, that's for sure!

Maybe it's a happy day because it is Azusa Nakano's (of K-On!) birthday? XD

Studying Trance lol

2011-06-21 11:21:53 by Naoki-Reisen

The title says it all. I've been studying different genres of Trance for some time now.. and I've been composing one this previous month.
To my listeners, please wait for it! It's almost finished! I want to make it perfect, so that I can prove something to myself. :D

College life...

2010-06-29 21:30:18 by Naoki-Reisen hard. My submission rate is slowly decreasing. But I promise to still submit songs, even if there's not much time! :D

I'll slow down a bit

2010-05-24 05:05:03 by Naoki-Reisen

I won't be composing for a while. I have something I really want to finish up first. Maybe I can submit at least once a month.

Summer kinda boring

2010-04-24 00:19:56 by Naoki-Reisen

During school days, I and my friends really look up to having our summer vacation. But when we got it, it just seems so boring. Everyday staying in the house... rarely going outside because it is much hotter... some other things I won't be mentioning.

Ah whatever, I can compose a lot more while in home anyways!

News: To those who are looking forward to the remastered versions of the Touhou Attempts, I have already submitted #1 and #2 here!

EDIT: #3 is also done!